Beach Fishing – Lower Yorke Penisular (South Australia)

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I usually target Salmon and Mulloway/Jew from South Australian beaches and while consistently catching Salmon is relatively easy, catching big Jew requires planning, preparation, patience and a

Eddie Dalidowicz

degree of luck. To maximize your chances of catching big Jew your need the right tide and weather conditions and extremely fresh bait. The equipment and technique to cast a big bait to where the fish are likely to be feeding is a major advantage and this is the predominate reason why I took up distance casting.

Not having a four wheel drive limits the beach locations I can fish so I concentrate my efforts on the lower Yorke Peninsular beaches that can be accessed by a standard 2WD and a substantial hike to avoid the crowds. I tend to commence each fishing trip with a plan to target a particular species and heat wave conditions and excellent night time high tides are ideal for chasing Jew from the lower Yorke Peninsular beaches.  
Here is an account of one particular overnight session thatshows the efforts I go to in attempting to beach a big jew. I left my air-conditioned Adelaide office on Friday afternoon in 38 degree heat armed with a heavy surf outfit, a 10 foot overhead spin stick and two blocks of pilchards.  

Browns Beach
This photo was taken on a winter time visit to Browns Beach trip when the conditions were more suitable for salmon.

It was pleasure not having to pack the waders and wet weather gear that I usually need when fishing these lower Yorke Peninsular beaches during the colder months.After the 300km drive I arrived at Browns Beach within the Innes Nation Park an hour before dark.This beach is brilliant in that the salmon come into the sheltered lagoon between the sand and outer reef almost every evening to feed and it is almost guaranteed to provide an ample supply of quality salmon.On this occasion there was next to no swell and therefore little water in the lagoon.Far from ideal conditions to catch the fresh salmon that I needed latter in the night for jew bait and burley but I was going to try anyway...>next 

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