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Competition Rules and Guidelines




The Australian Surfcasting Federation may create or amend safety rules, tournament procedures and conditions at any time.



1. For safety purposes an exclusion zone will be clearly marked.  A caster may NOT cast if any person, entrant or otherwise is in the exclusion zone or within visible crack off range.

2. All entrants share a common responsibility for safety, if you see a potential danger report it to a Committee member immediately even if casting has to be stopped.

3. All casters must ensure that they comply with the line, leader and link rules.

4. The organisers in the interest of safety may at any time stop and request a caster to modify his actions or leave the tournament. Until any issues of safety are resolved no further casting will take place.

5. Any person who wilfully disregards the safety rules is a danger to himself and others. The organisers at their discretion may exclude any entrant who does not comply with the safety rules.

6. In the event of an accident occurring at a tournament, a Committee member should be informed and an emergency procedure actioned.

7. It is a condition of membership that no caster competes while under the influence of alcohol.




The following Tournament Procedures may be altered at any given tournament with a majority decision of the registered casters attending.


1. Each caster will be permitted one cast per round. The committee or members present can allow a caster extra time or an extra cast that can be recorded as an official measure.

2. On completion of a cast a competitor shall place his equipment on the appropriate rod racks on the left hand side of the court.

3. Competitors must walk and reel in their own casts. Before walking down, please tighten your line. Do not walk with slack lines.

4. To help with the smooth running of tournaments it is essential that all casters return as soon as possible. Please do not dawdle.

5. It is the responsibility of each caster to ensure that his cast is recorded correctly at the time as no adjustments can be made later.

6. All 'crack offs' must be retrieved and reported back to the Court Judge. Any 'crack offs' found must be reported back even if its not your own. A list of those outstanding will be posted on the board at the end of each round. Anyone experiencing a crack-off shall endeavour to retrieve the lead and line within a reasonable time. At the end of the days casting, if there are any unaccounted for crack-offs all competitors will line up across the field and walk down to look for them.

7. It is a condition of entry to a tournament that competitors will assist in measuring casts when required. All competitors should provide assistance with the setting up and clearing of the court when required.

8. To save time and enable the smooth running of the tournament only measure your longest cast in each category. Please do not request a measurement for a cast that is clearly shorter then a previously measured cast for the same weight.

9. The committee in charge of the tournament can examine the tackle of any caster for its compliance to ASF Rules.

10. Any caster not adhering to the above rules may be penalised. Any protests from casters must be lodged with a committee member immediately the incident occurs. The Committee decision is final and binding.




1. SURFCASTING - Shall be that part of the sport of casting of weights with double handed rods.

2. METHODS OF CASTING - All Surfcasting shall be executed with both hands.

3. RODS - There shall be no restriction upon length or material.

4. GUIDES - There shall be not less than 3 guides plus tip ring on rods and the running line shall be threaded through each guide when casting.

5. REELS - Any reel may be used, as long as it possible to fish with that reel.


6. LINES & LEADER - They must be of general circular section and parallel throughout and be of basic monofilament construction.

6a. RUNNING LINE - To be minimum of 0.35mm for 175gr & 200gr, 0.31mm for 150gr and 0.28mm for 125gr and 0.25mm for 50gr, 75gr & 100gr.

6b. CASTING LEADER - To be high visibility/fluorescent and minimum 0.75mm for 150gr, 175gr and 200gr and minimum 0.65mm for 50gr, 75gr, 100gr & 125gr, with at least 8 complete turns on the reel when ready to cast.

7. MANDATORY CASTING WEIGHTS (100gr, 125gr, 150gr, 175gr) - To be fixed to leader via an appropriate link. No excessive polishing of weights will be allowed. A cast will be declared void unless these conditions are adhered to.

7a. NON-MANDATORY CASTING WEIGHTS (50gr, 75gr & 200gr) - Distances attained whilst using these will not count towards the casters overall position, aggregate score or to their points total.

8. CASTING COURT - A 30 degree ‘V’ shaped court extended as necessary. The metric radial system of court measuring from the centre of the base will be used in the case of records. Any Court change will be at the decision of the Committee.

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9. CASTING - Casting shall be from directly behind a board set at 90 degrees to the centre line of the court. No competitor may pass this board whilst in the action of casting or until his lead has landed. The line must remain unbroken after the cast has been made until the weight has come to rest.

9a. - In making a cast it shall not be permitted to use a power stroke of more than 360 degrees or any cast that in the opinion of the Committee is deemed dangerous.

9b. - Crack offs will be marked down and must then be retrieved and reported back to a judge.

10. RESULTS and RECORDS – ASF Competition Results and Records will only be ratified if all rules are adhered to and the cast is accurately measured in the presence of three ASF members or two ASF members where one member holds an ASF committee position. A measure from a casting court cross line to the casting weight stopping position is deemed to be accurate enough for a competition RESULT distance. A straight line measure from the oche to the casting weight stopping position is required for a RECORD distance.

11. MEMBERSHIP - Shall run from January 1st to December 31st.

12. ENTRIES – A caster must register and pay the casting fee prior to being permitted to cast on the day. The Committee reserves the right to refuse entry.

13. Any physical or verbal behaviour that is of a violent, abusive or intimidating in nature will not be tolerated and any caster or visitor exhibiting these will be asked to leave the event. Any repeat offence will result in the expulsion from the club.





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