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So whats it all about?

There is nothing surer in life when two or more male hunter gatherer types get together, that theywill automatically try to outdo each other.It is in our genes, our heritage and our psyche, and it has resulted in every war, sporting event, election.......read more



Beach Fishing – Lower Yorke Penisular (South Australia)

I usually target Salmon and Mulloway/Jew from South Australian beaches and while consistently catching Salmon is relatively easy, catching big Jew requires planning, preparation, patience and a degree of luck. To maximize your chances......read more


Australian Casting History

Australians have been casting on football and hockey fields (and the odd racecourse, golf course and cow paddock) for over 40 years, right across the country. Their numbers have always been minute, and until very recently virtually all casting has been tied to fishing associations, such as the N.S.W.F.C.A (the N.S.W Fishing Casting Association).......read more




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